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Gary Roberts is an artist / illustrator with a lifetime of experience. And we don't mean just in art.
 Gary Roberts has led an interresting life.
 As a teenager, three things dominated his attention. Teenage girls, hard rock guitar, and motocross motorcycle racing. All three were pursued with reckless abandon. His rock guitar playing led to many bands and much travel over the next 25 years, but the elusive hit record never materialized and that dream fell aside. Motocross led into drag racing and fast street motorcycles, and ultimately road racing. To this day he keeps a garage full of vintage Japanese motorcycles from the '70s.
 In the '80s, his attentions and creativity turned to film and video, and began his career as a professional artist. Doing storyboards and key scene illustrations for directors, set designs, and hands on art directing several feature films and music videos honed his skills. He has worked on projects for Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, General Motors, IBM, and others. He has generated art and sets from notebook size to the sides of trucks and buildings.
 One thing was in the background however, all this time.  Roberts has always drawn young pretty girls in bondage and rape scenes. Quite litterally, since he knew what girls were. But it has only been since the early '90s that he decided to unveil the real inner self. His first works in this genre' appeared in publications by Bon-Vue, followed by a comic series in Goddess Dianna Vesta's "Attitude" magazine, several story illustrations in the BDSM swinger mag "Get Kinky". At this same time, he decided to apply his film and video experience to bondage, and worked with "Scarry Video" for a year, shooting several videos and even starring as a home invader in one. Limited success in these ventures led to a retreat from art for several years, in which time he pursued motorcycle roadracing and his personal BDSM lifestyle while working as a high performance motorcycle tech.
 October 1999 changed everything. Roberts buys his first computer and gets online. He discovers the open forum of newsgroups. he decides to post his bondage art on the web, and response is overwhelming. As they say, the rest is history. Roberts draws BDSM scenes and comics for several sites, and of course this one. It is now a full-timecareer.
 Roberts presently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with his live-in slavegirl of 11 years, Alisa. He is an experienced BDSM Master with other slavegirls in real life. It is to this fact that he attributes the impact of his images. He portrays the energy, the very soul of non-consentual sexual acts, with brutal accuracy. he draws upon his own experiences and fantasies to portray the fear and panic on the face of the girls as they're stripped, bound, and raped. It is this reality that others find irresistable and erotic in his opinion. He draws exactly what turns him on, and he knows that others with his same fetish will be equally aroused.
 ROBERTS will accept commissioned pieces only on approval, but can work in virtually any medium including sculpture, and can paint on any size canvass you could imagine. He is planning to branch out to art shows and erotic exhibitions soon, and has plans in the works for several large projects to be announced.
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