Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts

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In 1998 Britney Spears was extremely popular and she had concerts every week all over the world. Once she had the beach Malibu on her tour where Gary Roberts met her. It was that place where the idea of Britney Spears Comics was born and the main plot started. The crazy crowd on a hot beach lost control as soon as Britney had finished her first songs. Millions of starfuckers grabbed young girls and ripped off their tops baring their big breasts. The monsters were dreaming of raping Britney. The crowd was captured with madness as it saw Britney's big tits in a see-through top. Topless Britney was the sexiest one on that party. Small shorts emphasized her big tight ass. Millions of cocks were already hard and ready to fuck the celebrated Britney. But cruel starfuckers have abducted Britney Spears before crazy fans' eyes. Here Britney's story begins. The poor victim was thrown in a dungeon for tortures and punishments. Cruel prisoners are making an obedient slave from a celebrity without any compassion. Britney may cry and beg for help, but nobody will hear her in that prison. For the first time Gary Roberts shows what may happen with the celebrity Britney Spears. Monsters in masks tied up the naked Britney's body tight to humiliate their slave. Rascals pour ice water onto nude Britney Spears. Hot wax is dripping on big Britney's breasts. A sharp needle is piercing the erected Britney's nipples and shouts of horror are shaking the walls. The abductors laugh and Britney Spears gets scared seeing the prisoner approaching with electric pins. Electric current is piercing the naked Britney's body and unbearable pain is capturing the victim at once. Nude Britney Spears is helplessly hanging on the ropes thinking that her tortures are being finished and hoping that the monsters will let her go. But in Gary's BDSM Britney comics everything is only starting. Monsters in masks will fuck Britney Spears in her pussy. The prisoner will make her suck his thick cock and lick his stinking balls. Kidnappers are fucking the tight Britney's ass. The abductors will rape Britney Spears and will torture their victim again and again. Soon the Mistress will appear and order to lick her pussy, after that she will fuck the Britney's pussy with a long strapon. The monster will watch humiliated and exhausted Britney. Soon he will decide that the whore is not ready yet and needs to be punished again. Well, we need to see what will come of it. So Britney Spears Comics is always with you and constant updatings will gonna make you happy.
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