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Britney Spears
Britney Spears by Gary Roberts Episode 2
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Britney Spears Starfuckers.

Starfuckers abducted Britney Spears straight out of the concert in Malibu beach. A young rock-star was behaving too glaringly towards her fans. Even in a nightmare Britney couldn't foresee such situation. Starfuckers had thought over the plan of Britney's kidnapping and sale to a new master in advance. But before becoming a part of the harem, Britney has to pass the special courses. Starfuckers are waiting for her in a somber prison. Their only purpose is to make Britney Spears a slut. Starfuckers are fucking, torturing, humiliating and punishing the celebrity Britney Spears for her disobedience by whipping her. This is only the beginning, because now the Mistress will replace Starfuckers. Britney Spears now the slave and suck starfuckers cocks.

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