Free Adware Scan. Detect and Remove Spyware.

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WARNING! Detect Spyware & Adware Trojans!

Spyguard Shield

SpyGuard Shield. Stop Spyware. Refused Adware. Stop Viruses. Disable Trojans
95% of all home PC's are infected with Dangerous Spyware & Adware Trojans!
Spyware infiltrates your computer without your knowledge or consent! Surfing the net, downloading music, using file sharing software are only few of the ways your computer can get infected! Anti-virus programs DO NOT protect your PC from these Trojans, or even detect them! Only a purposely built spyware removal tool such as RazeSpyware and Spyguard Shield can!
The RazeSpyware spyware-scanner allows you to make your system clean quickly and effectively!

Key features:

  • Spyware removal ( Detects and removes spyware programs and trojan horses installed on your PC. )
  • Internet clean-up and Recover Start Page ! ( Protects your privacy by erasing Internet History and Cache files at the click of a mouse. )
  • System clean-up ( Eliminates the traces of your system activities. )
  • Disk clean-up ( Securely destroys all the data on your old hard disk. )
  • File shredder ( Irretrievably deletes and shreds confidential files and pictures that could be used against you...)
  • Find worms and Dialers !  Find hijackers !

The Spyguard Shield refused install spyware, adware and viruses!

Key features:

  • Stop Spyware ( Refussed install on your PC. )
  • Stop Adware ( Disabled scan your PC. )
  • Stop Viruses ( No rights on your PC. )

Best shield for your PC. Keep your security and privacy!
Spyware Scan

Detect and remove Spyware, Adware and Viruses. Find and remove Dialers, hijackers and worms. Clear registry and recover HOME PAGE.

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