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Slave Ranch by Gary Roberts.

The story of one cruel soldier after the War in Iraq laid the basis for these comics. Gary Roberts and his new creature Slave Ranch after the first minutes of view remain in memory forever as the best comic of 2005 year. A former sea infantryman after the military actions in Iraq has been sent back home, but a terrible image of the war remained forever in his memory and thoughts. On his ranch house the cruel soldier has built a huge building with a great number of secret rooms for tortures, punishments and his sadistic amusements. All the rooms are equipped with the secret cameras to look after their prisoners and are sound-proof. The dark building is surrounded by the barbed wire and is guarded by the wicked dogs. Almost in each room there are beautiful blonds, brunettes and women with brown hair. Their naked bodies are tormented with tortures and punishments. The young students didn't suffer such humiliations long ago. The slaves are very afraid of each arrival of their master because a rude, cruel, soldier doesn't get tired and he doesn't experience pain and compassion towards the beautiful slaves. A bad man even invented the following name for his favorite occupation and his sweet home - Slave Ranch. Today a cruel soldier has a holiday - another beautiful blond was caught in his net. She believed his stories about a hard life of the former warrior. A fool with tits even wasn't imaging what would happen to her after getting into the car of the warrior. Lying helpless in the body of the war lorry, firmly tired bitch can't shout or run away. But her journey is over at last and the slut turned out in one of the rooms for the slaves of a cruel warrior. The beauty is observing with horror one of the slaves sitting with her pussy on a special chair. Having put on a collar on the neck of a new slave, the soldier starts whipping the sitting blonde with a leather lash. Only the thoughts about the War in Iraq are furrowing his head and about the way he was fucking the local whores students there. Now he is about to show slavegirls who the master of the ranch is and how they must submit and obey him.

Cruelly Soldier in BDSM Comics.

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