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Merry Christmas Britney Spears

Happy New Year's Eve! Merry Christmas Eve! Wish you much happiness! Good health to you and to your relatives! Good luck in business and financial security! May New Year bring you only good mood and happiness!

Also I would like to wish you to remain our constant customers. I do hope that everybody will like comics "Starfuckers by Gary Roberts" and "Abducted Sisters BDSM Art" is the opposite story for other admirers of Gary's works. In new year we will continue reviewing of BDSM comics by Roberts. We will also pay much attention to just-hosted new site Witch Hunt BDSM Art and Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Gary Roberts. These stories are based on true events which have been adapted for us a bit ;) In new year Gary Roberts plans many updatings for all his BDSM comics and some new episodes. "Britney Spears Erotic Comics" have got very many updatings and the ending of its third episode. "Abducted Sisters Erotic Comics" - by kidnappers, cruelty exceeds all bounds. Also you have the opportunity to watch the first sketches of Slave Ranch by Gary Roberts. The coming year promises to be especially severe for slaves! Abductors cruelty oversteps the limits. So let us help them punish disobedient bitches!
We are waiting for you here Comics by Gary Roberts!

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Rape Comics about Britney Spears

Because of some misunderstanding I have decided to clear out the situation. I do not propagandize rape theme. Moreover, as for me, I hate it. But one should understand that there is a borderline between BDSM fantasies and life realities. Our site presents only fantasies of a BDSM artist Gary Roberts. We have nothing to do with a pop star Britney Spears. We are also not engaged in two abduction sisters. Our site is totally devoted to BDSM fantasies and Rape Comics about Britney Spears only extreme fantasies. So let me stop talking sad things for today. I would really like to have your comments and wishes on the continuation of history Strafucker - Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts and Abducted Sisters Britney and Paris - Nude Comics by Gary Roberts. New episodes are coming very soon and I would like to know what you think of it. Write to me and we will discuss a further development of the events in BDSM Comics by Gary Roberts. And remember!!! Raped Britney Spears Comics and Raped Abducted Sisters Comics only crazy fantasies :) That all, peace.

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BDSM stories by Gary Roberts

At the moment a new site with new and exclusive works by Gary Roberts is being worked on. As usual its main part will be available to only registered users. But we never forget of the others. That's why the site start is delayed every time. Nevertheless, you can find most part of pictures in excellent quality. As for stories, nothing will be promised yet. You are sure to like the plots of new BDSM comics, as the topics are very popular. We are trying hard to finish everything until holidays, that's why I am sorry if I don't always answer your questions. Wait for the news!

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