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Abducted Sisters BDSM Art

The Abducted Sisters BDSM Art is the second original story of a BDSM artist Gary Roberts. Two beautiful sisters were abducted from a contest "Naked Miss 2005"..... next

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Britney Spears Comics

Britney Spears Comics present an original plot from a BDSM artist Gary Roberts. The history begins during the concert of Britney Spears in Sanset Beach. Millions of strafuckers saw a nude Britney. Her breasts were constantly jumping out of the blouse, and a tight sexy skirt was showing a magnificent and tight ass. Britney Spears behaved too provoking and boldly towards her fans. Then kidnappers have decided to abduct Britney and severely punish her in cruel comics. This is the beginning of a BDSM story, the basic plot is developed in prison for tortures for disobedient whores.

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Britney Spears Hardcore Comics

Here is the summary. The first part of our site is devoted to a story of Britney Spears Hardcore Comics by a great BDSM artist Gary Roberts. Gary realizes any desires and dreams in his BDSM comics. Who is familiar with Britney Spears in reality? And who could fuck her? Britney Spears Comics are our solution. Roberts does what others cannot. His great talent of a BDSM artist is reflected in these stories. Precise lines, bright colors, the original plot and long-term BDSM creative works make unique stories. Next time I will tell about the first hardcore episode of Britney Spears Comics.

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Abducted Britney Spears in Comics

Meanwhile we continue our story of the Abducted Britney by Gary Roberts. This time we have a new update. Despite a strict style Gary sometimes he steps aside from his preferences and cruel sadism steals in his works. In original quality all the pictures are perfect, and constant updates do not allow to stay long waiting for plot continuation. There is another good news. Heard some rumors of a new piece of work coming up soon which as always will be based on real events. So follow the news attentively.

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Britney Spears Bondage Comics

Theoretical science does not see any difference between binding and self-binding, as the second one is a particular case of the first one. ( Only not for Britney in bondage comics ) With our free hand we bind legs at ankles and under knees, then a chief into a mouth. There is a practical problem with hands binding. We take a husband's tie and study the arrangement of a knot. We put hands into a loop, holding a knot with a finger and pull a free end with our teeth. In best apartments of Philadelphia people use cuffs. Have recently seen a clip with a beautiful woman who fixed a cuff key with a rope, lit candles, bound and chained herself to a bed-back. A candle was to burn through the rope so that the key might fall within striking distance. But, how well was predicted by Angry, different variants are possible. In our case slight wind blew away the candle and: in view of gross violation of fire safety I would not recommend you to try it at home. You can try it at friends'.

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Abducted Sisters Nude Comics

Today I will tell you about Abducted Sisters Nude Comics. The first abductor torments and punishes the older sister, and the second watches her torments with horror..... next

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Search story about Rape and Violence

Help me find stories which, seems, I saw on Death's site, but can't find them now. Don't remember names and authors, but the plots are the following:

  1. Mother and daughter are taken "prisoner" (somewhere in Middle Asia). One of the scenes - undressing which is ruled by a teen. Then prisoners (there are some Asian girls among them) are made run in a desert in hip bands only.
  2. Women are kept somewhere in torture chambers where they are humiliated. The story is told by a man, but among his "colleagues" there is an Asian girl Lee. She makes prisoners scratches on their clits. One of the prisoners is an ex teacher, she is being punished for praying mercy.
  3. A senior student is being kept by a man, maybe legally, maybe her parents sold her... One of the scenes - meeting and examination. I remember phrases: "You may not shave", "I licked you, you didn't lick me".
I haven't found these storied in the net. Who knows where they are, please, give me links.

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Nude Britney Spears Comics

We continue the description about Nude Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts. After the concert the security left a nude Britney in a dressing room where she was abducted by cruelly starfuckers. Brutally kidnappers threw a naked body of Britney Spears into the car took her for tortures. Magnificent colourful BDSM Comics about Britney's tortures and torments you can see here. Precise lines, bright colors, original plot and uncensored BDSM style.
Welcome, and enjoy it!

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Abducted Sisters BDSM Comics

I am always receiving many letters asking why I write updating so seldom. When will we see new stories from a BDSM artist Gary Roberts? Britney Spears Comics - that will we have further? ..... next

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Britney Spears Comics - Official site

Yesterday I read the news about Britney Spears. I like her creative work, and especially this song "My Prerogative".

Check out these reviews of Greatest Hits: My Prerogative ...

It's Britney's 'Prerogative'!

In the wonderful world of pop music, one star's body of work definitely stands out above the rest: BRITNEY SPEARS has created countless hits over the course of her four-album career. Now you can get all of her great music in one place! "Britney Spears Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" pulls together all of the superstar's best tunes, plus three all-new songs and never-before-seen photos! The album also comes packaged with a bonus disc that's packed with previously unreleased remixes!

The album opens with Britney's take on the BOBBY BROWN classic, "My Prerogative." She imbues the track with plenty of attitude and a down and dirty funky feel. This song is followed up by the sinewy tune "Toxic," from her recent album In The Zone. MADONNA, the queen of pop music, stops by to help her protege on another track from the same album, "Me Against The Music."

All of the other Britney tracks that you've grown to know and love are here too, including "Oops! ... I Did It Again," the pulsing "... Baby One More Time" and the sexy song "Crazy."

Other interesting tracks include the bass-heavy (and previously unreleased) track, "Do Somethin'" and a remix of "Boys," featuring PHARRELL WILLIAMS.

-- Tim Jaramillo, Entertainment Tonight


Also wanted to find more comics sites with naked Britney Spears, but did not find anything interesting. BDSM Art work by Gary Roberts is unique!

And more latest news about Britney...

Britney is up for 3 MTV Europe Awards, including: Best Female Artist, Best Pop Artist and Best Song for "Toxic."

Britney Spears 'Greatest Hits: My Prerogative' album has had the biggest selling first week for a Greatest Hits by a female artist in UK chart history.

Britney Spears Comics - Starfuckers by Gary Roberts
The best of the best BDSM Art works in world! That all.

Cooming soon we a present new BDSM Comics by Gary Roberts.

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