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Visiting after a long break... Came across a "Chendler's story much-talked-of in a Britney guest". Been thinking. Well....what a shit?! Why is interesting to read some, right, because it is a play. Physiology, with blood, bowels and other is enough in real life. And enjoying this physiology with such poor attempts to approach this action to reality... well, man, you have morbid imagination. Of course, somebody can have enough. And I am fed up with these attacks for Caucasian people. Fucking bastards! First, there is no animal instinct in these people. Usual nation, usual people, with mental shortage. And on average treatment of a woman judging by my mountain friends is much better then the Slavs have. And we have enough of bustards everywhere, and our country fellows in bands are much cooler and more violent and blood-thirsty, ever looked through criminal cases? And as for war, it is war, been lasting for 200 years already. And these street poor sketches are cliches, stock phrases. A 15 year-old guy violated a molly and didn't tell older ones?! No matter how cool he is, he is only 15 so he sucks and serves older friends. Well, to cut it short, the style is shit.

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Announce new BDSM Art works by Gary Roberts

Very soon we will write all your question and answers. The basic topics are Britney Spears Comics- Starfuckers by Gary Roberts and Abducted Sisters BDSM Art! Also I got to know, that a new original story Slave Ranch by Gary Roberts in several parts would appear very soon. So I am in a hurry all to let you know ;))). Besides, comics updating is expected! This time Gary has surpassed himself. I have not seen such bright and precise comics for a long time. Very soon you will see everything on your own.

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Britney's pussy, ass and big bobs

The story is good... I liked it... A lot of everyday details...good taste... its good to read direct speech and not outsider description.... but (its only my opinion) it resembles Stulchik a bit... As a whole, let me say again, its cool... Kidnapper, do you agree its too physiological...of course they could be lucky.... they could face a secret excuse.... but its unlikely... and take pleasure in a cock pulling her apart... well... I dunno.... Females, this is a question to you... I came across a lot (moreover, I have an acquaintance, her status is slave, not mine :-)) well, she has a problem - small vagina. And despite the fact that she enjoys pain, pain during the intercourse will not let have orgasm.... And you tell that you tore her with your cock and she came :- ) so if you remove all those "stulchik" things - the story is interesting. Thanks. Write more, will read will pleasure...

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Abducted Naked Sisters in BDSM Comics

Abducted Naked Sisters Comics - we continue writing brief description of new episodes. "Oh my God", - shouted the abducted sister, - "What have you done to my teenager sister?" "Shut up", - ordered a kidnapper cruelly slapped the sister on her face...... next

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Naked Britney Spears Comics

Britney Spears Naked Comics are coming again. We are pleased to inform you that a long-expected updating has finally happened. Now you can see all the episodes of Britney Spears Comics from a BDSM artist Gary Roberts. Unfortunately, I cannot place new series on my site as yet :((  But I will continue writing brief description of coming episodes. Brutal starfuckers tore a delicate top and thong away having left tied and naked Britney on a limousine sit in comics. But the plot by Gary Roberts is not so simple. Kidnappers are not allowed to fuck Britney, they see her tight pussy and real big boobs. Kidnappers' cocks are ready to tear the slut's delicate ass. But Britney was sold to slavery and must be delivered to her master safe. Evildoers can only jerk off watching naked Britney. So, bitch, get ready, the prison of the cruelest master is waiting for you.

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Abducted Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in Comics

BDSM comics about abducted Britney Spears and her Paris Hilton are only available on our site. Having based on real events and heroes a great artist Roberts created a series of comics. His BDSM creation was rapidly spread through Internet surprising and striking everyone. Small fragments of his stories with bad quality of pictures have been handed for a long time. But we decided to stop this procession of poor pieces. On our site you can find good pictures and full description of all the stories. Constant updates and forum will brighten sad days. All you need is to get once in our private zone to stay here forever!

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BDSM Artist Gary Roberts

Now we start writing news about Britney Spears Comics. We will try to consider as many stories about Britney Spears as possible. Also we will not forget about the great BDSM artist Gary Roberts. It was Robert's creative works that have inspired us to create this site. The second part of the site is devoted to Abducted Sisters BDSM Art. We a present Full Episode Britney Spears Comics - Starfuckers by Gary Roberts. And other BDSM Comics by Gary Roberts - Abducted Sisters BDSM Art in the same way include full episode.

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