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Britney Spears search BDSM Master

I have been captured by a pair of stories - really cool - no kidding! Never have read such a thing! No blood, no violence - only stories of humiliation. Stories are French, and so they have - as much elegant, as much perverted and cruel, French people are always number one in matters of taste and refinement! (Cats' farm is probably one of the most popular translation site here - some german techno-cyberpank "fictitious" stories; some of them I enjoyed but only partially - pity we have such things not translated...) They resemble SM French classic with their high level, but also as for the plot and content - "O" and "Image" - if you will excuse the expression - suck... but I used to like them! But "here" everything is very cynic and modern.

Both about young 18-years-old girls. Our time. In the first story a student girl falls in love with a mature college teacher and as you have already realized he becomes a perverted monster for her. Well, it also should be mentioned - the heroine is a virgin. There is a lot of perverts, probably too much - about 120 pages.
The second one about lesbian SM. College, senior girls, two competitors... Oh yeah...:-) studies, toilets, street...inexhaustible author's fantasy, some moments are incredible (let me repeat - no violence). 60 pages. I think it should be corrected anyway.
That's it. Many sentences are hard to correct, there are some difficult passages. If there are some experts of French you are welcome! We cannot leave such masterpieces without English interpretation. We cannot lag behind them! :-)

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Abducted Sisters Comics by Roberts

Gary Roberts' comics of the abducted sisters became the most popular last 2004. Dark dungeon for tortures and punishments is lit up with dim light...... next

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Britney Spears Comics

A picture of the famous Britney is on the table of the cruel Master. Two kidnappers thoughtfully look both at the photo and at a brief-case stuffed with 20 million dollars. So the decision is made. Comics with Britney Spears get started and the beautiful blonde is to be abducted. The sons of a slut, involved in kidnapping of a freaking blonde known as Britney, draw up a plan how to abduct the popstar while her performance in Miami in one of these days. These animals got one thing for sure - the Master wants them to throw Britney's naked body celebrity in the most dark and scary room for tortures. They're gonna shoot down that bitch's arrogance. An obedient and docile slave - this is what Britney must be, so she needs flogging all the time with leather lashes and birches. She's gonna get hard tortures and punishment unless she does what she's told to and this is hardball overseers with no pity in balls who should take care of her. The tough guys in masks will screw Britney Spears in her holes - big ass and a little, clean-shaven pussy. If the bitch shouts and screams for help, she'll get a fat dick stuck into her slut's mouth. Britney should learn to suck big fat dicks and to lick hairy balls. In our comics the celebrity Britney Spears must be slave and gets to know the dark side of the BDSM Masters' life.

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Britney Spears Comics

Ok, ok i wake up after long holidays and now we starting our description about Britney Spears Comics by Gary Roberts.

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