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StarFuckers by Gary Roberts

What Gary Roberts tries to show is the way Britney treats the Starfuckers. This is all seen in a scene that happened right after the performance near the celebrity Britney's make-up room. The manager tried to tell Britney that what she'd done on the stage was a provocation but he got in reply lots of insults. Britney shouted like a bitch that he was just as stupid and worthless as all Starfuckers who come to her performances. The Starfuckers are gonna lick my feet and run like freaking dogs around me, yelled the star in rage. All the manager could do was to keep silent and show - you're the boss; there was only one thought in his head which was things were going to swing soon. Even the bodyguard got fucked just for listening to Britney's bullshit, he didn't say a word though. Gary Roberts shows the Starfuckers are nothing to Britney; they are just useless animals. Britney threw a bottle with water in right into the face of the manager and said he would creep around her feet and beg for mercy like all the other Starfuckers. She turned her back, took down the shorts and showed her naked ass to the manager; then she told the bodyguard to follow her as if a doggy. Well, Starfuckers are going soon to show what they can do and Gary will help them with that.

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Abducted Sisters Hardcore Comics

Hardcore comics of the abducted sisters are widened with new episodes. A poor blonde is twitching and trying to escape monster's strong hands..... next

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Raped Britney Spears in Comics

There was much rape comics and free real rape of this site, and it surprises with its idiocy. With comics and material in VIP member zone - all ok. But other free rape material (who post this links)... Let me discuss and laugh over poor operator. I don't ask for a real one - it's meanly. But a playing one should resemble rape at least a little, and not be presented by bondage and sadomaso. Its meaning - fear and compulsion.

So, here is some idiocy:
  1. A young guy is raping a older bitch who will easily kill him. Everywhere like that. You need at least four to keep her.
  2. A patient decided to fuck a beautiful nurse. And he has managed. Nobody was there. Nobody called for police. Great.
  3. People rape an assistant in a supermarket, a secretary, a police woman in duty... Where are video control systems?
  4. Masterpiece! Two guys are walking in the forest with Macdonald's packets on their heads. Suddenly they see a celebrity Britney in a sleeping-bag in grass. In broad day light! They opened a sleeping-bag - fack - she wears a mini-skirts and high heels! That is how girls should hike.
  5. A guy is dragging a molly with one hand... and carrying a gun with another... And a molly is kicking. Crazy! You cannot hold even a cat like that!
  6. A guy is raping a teenager. She is kicking. There a knife, an iron, etc. near her. Come take and kill him!
  7. If you kick a guy on his balls - and he is really being kicked - he is gonna lay so much time that a molly will run away even with high heels.
  8. If a girls with good manicure scratches on a cheek - there you will have not a small red strip, but half of your cheek will be hurt.
  9. If you are being raped, why smiling? Well, maybe at the stupid film coming out?

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Abducted Sisters BDSM Art

BDSM Art is better shown in the story of the Abducted Sisters. Abductor in masks captured the helpless sister..... next

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Britney Spears and Starfuckers

Britney Spears did lay it on in her show in Miami. Millions of Starfuckers saw through a transparent shirt-dress huge, elastic boobs of Britney that seemed to tear up that shirt-dress and fall out of it. Small nipples got tough like peas on sticking out Britney's breasts. The celebrity didn't stop - the bitch took down the straps and stripped half the right boob, slightly showing the excited nipples. The Starfuckers shouted even more loudly and wanted to see more of the naked Britney's flesh. Britney unzipped her shorts and brought on a greater drive, so just as her pink strings had shown up, cries of raging fans burst all the beach. The Master doesn't waste time and bribes the bodyguards and the managers of the celebrity, preparing an abduction of Britney. So the performance is over, and the slut goes to her room and she still suspects nothing. Britney talks to her manager looking down upon him and bodyguard but she doesn't notice their grins. Britney Spears doesn't care about Starfuckers screaming and shouting on the beach; her showtime has been over and in fact, the mad crowd matters nothing to her.

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