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Abducted Sisters

The abducted sisters is a strange story with many secrets undisclosed. And so after long torments, tortures and punishments from jailers our abducted sisters finally meet...... next

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Abducted Britney Spears Comics

We continue the story about the abducted Britney Spears in the comics. The celebrity Britney shouts and quivers, calling her bodyguards for help. But the masked monsters stick the talkative bitch's mouth with a tape and tie up her hands with thick cords. Britney is shocked so she can hardly understand she's been abducted and her loyal bodyguards betrayed the arrogant bitch. Britney's blue eyes are full of horror, fear and hate. She cries, but she knows now it's no use resisting. The kidnappers forced the slut into the car and Britney takes the last glance at the world as a free student. Well, bitch, gloat the kidnappers, the famous Britney is gonna have a ride with such tough monsters like us. Ha ha, laugh the screwers, look at this fluttering slut! Her clean-shaven pussy and big bum feel they're going to deal with dicks really good at what they do. Don't be surprised, said the manager with a rage and hate. The kidnappers are just mediators on your way to our Master. You're gonna have a brand-new job, bitch; you'll have to fuck a lot soon and serve masters. It's time we say goodbye, Abducted Britney Spears, said the manager and slammed the door of the car.

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Story about Paris Hilton

Story from our memebers Paris Hilton
Having engaged in business my husband Rick Solomon got into debts. We have sold everything we got, and debts were growing. Once he told me it was matter of his life, so he was offered to "pay" with his wife as one of big guys liked me. Rick Solomon told me it was very serious. I loved him and the thought that he might be killed was intolerable for me. So I agreed.
Everything has begun very beautiful. My husband and me were invited in an expensive restaurant. There were several men who treated us with different delicious things. I couldn't understand - who of them. Then one of them asked me for a dance, so I realized it was he and he was going to take me with him. I started trembling from excitement. But everything turned out different way. My husband, me and that man took two cars and were driven to a luxurious flat. I didn't understand why my Rick Solomon was going with us. Realized only that not somebody but a whole company "likes" me and I won't avoid "that". But I was ready for that to help my Rick Solomon though I felt embarrassed.
Everything went much worse. I don't know if they have agreed it with my husband before or it was new for him, but everything was started in his presence. As one of them has said "for sensation strength". My husband watched drinking beer while they were fucking me. They didn't beat me, but tried all the possible variants. I felt so helpless, so I never thought of any resistance. Especially I was shocked by the indifferent presence of my husband. In some hours they kicked him drunk having said that "the beauty is gonna stay for the night".
The night was terrible.
Usual sex has bothered him. So they tried different "games". It is hard to describe, and it was really humiliating. For example, they made me eat and drink while one of them "played" with his finger between my legs. Or they bent me and made me sing fucking me from behind...
I left them only in the morning, and it seemed I wasn't the way I used to be, that a decent woman must have died from it. But I was saved with the thought that I was helping my Rick Solomon. They stopped hunting us, but soon started noticing that my boyfriend treated me with some disgust (though it seems it was me who must have despised him). And some time later he told me that he couldn't be with me after all has happened. So we broke up.
At parting I tried to punish him a bit and told him in details the way they "played" with me (I never told about it before). I am trying to avoid him since that time.
In Internet you found several part video and pictures from this story, but all material with Paris Hilton porn video and pictures only this site

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Abducted Sisters by Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts in his new episodes of the Abducted Sisters shows what young students have to go through before they got into the Master's BDSM room..... next

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Britney Spears by Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts stories about Britney Spears go on in our comics. The humiliated manager quietly talks to the bodyguard. So soon our Master is gonna get this bitch Britney and then the slut will realize how much wrong she's been by treating us like that. Oh yeah, Gary Roberts knows for sure what to do, the famous Britney Spears will know it, too. The bitch comes up to her limousine and goes on railing at the manager and the bodyguard, abasing them. You are so dumb and useless that you are not even worth licking my feet, said Britney. Britney opens a door of the limousine to get in and go far away from Miami; and she still keeps on yelling at the manager without let-up. But Roberts knows what the story about Britney is gong end up with. What are you waiting for, stupid assholes? Shouts Britney, Follow me now! Not this time, our dear star, the manager answers her with sarcasm, not this time. You have to meet Gary Roberts, Britney Spears, grins the bodyguard. What the hell is going on? The slut screams in a hysteric; she feels somebody's strong hands grabbing her at the waist and dragging into the limousine. Help! Britney begs the bodyguard and the manager. Surprise, bitch! They answer. Gary shows how the Starfuckers triumph over Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears Rape Comics

Rape Comics forever!

Comics with violentcomix attract not only with cruel rape and perverted tortures, but also with the fact that victims are young beautiful abducted sisters. A young student girl is like young wine, it makes drunk but doesn't have rich colors. But it is pleasant to screw a nail into a young body and cut with a knife shoving a cock. Why all that? The thing is I have posted 4 sets with violentcomix on our site.
As for comics: when strange men abduct a young beauty Britney in Paris, her mother being afraid of publicity and scandal decided to search her on her own. Having got to know that her daughter might have become a victim of people who shoot porno with real murders, Madonna bravely sinks into dark world of shocking mysteries and emotions alien to residents. She will have to watch what she could dare imagine in the most perverted nightmare, and only forgetting of her fear she will be able to save her only daughter...

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